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History of the port

The Port of Horsens was a river port until the 18th century with a small quay along the present street of Åboulevarden. As it was in a poor shape, it was decided to clean it up and repair it.

  • 1737 – The Port has its first set of regulations, which made it possible to collect fees from the visiting ships. At the same time, it became prohibited to throw garbage in the stream. Was the ban violated, it was punished with a fine, a ride on the wooden horse or the offender was put in the pillory in the town square.
  • The end of the 18th century – the Port is being renovated, under the supervision of prominent local citizens, who today have their names on several streets in the port area.
  • The 19th century – the Port is gradually developed.
  • 1873 – the railway company Det Jysk-Fynske Jernbaneselskab builds tracks from the railway station to the port.
  • 1883 – the channel is dredged to a depth of 15 feet.
  • Approx. 1900 – the wholesaler Collstrop establishes a wood impregnation plant on the south side of the port.
  • 1902 – a leading light consisting of 8 lights is built.
  • 1902-04 – the stream, Bygholm Å was filled up to the street Havnealle and the stream is moved to its present location. At the same time, the small island in the port is made – with a shipyard on it.
  • 1930’s – The port invest in its first cranes, drawing even more business and customers to the town.
  • 1984 – the last piece of the old stream is being filled up and the street Niels Gyldings Gade is established.
  • 2000 – after some years of slow and steady developing with e.g. new quays and cranes, the port buys its until then largest crane, PLM 170 HD. With a reach of 24 metres, the crane lifts up to 80 tonnes.
  • 2001 – The Port of Horsens is transformed to a Limited Company with the Municipality of Horsens as the sole shareholder.
  • 2012 – the port becomes the municipal independent port Horsens Erhvervshavn, and today it operates as an independent company in the municipality of Horsens.